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The company Isotope Technologies Dresden (ITD) GmbH is a world wide operating organisation. Our target groups are the manufacturers and users of radioactive material in the form of sealed sources, radiochemical and radiopharmaceuticals.


The product spectrum of ITD includes the facilities and devices needed for the handling with radioactive material:

  • Hot cells, mini-cells, dispensing cells
  • radiochemical hoods
  • places for aseptic works
  • shielding equipment and other specific radiation protection solutions against alpha-, - and γ-radiation
  • laboratory equipment like containers, safes, tables and lead shieldings
  • manipulators
  • facilities for the production of the radiochemicals and radiopharmaceuticals.

The team of ITD with experienced designers and technicians and the project management guarantee a high quality of the all products manufactured by ITD.


The spectrum of our service includes innovative design of the products according the specific requirements of the customer and the training of the customer staff.


If you are interested in our works in the fields of the radiation protection, the radiochemistry and radio-pharmacy, then we have a suitable solution for your problem or we can solve your problem together.


Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH
Rossendorfer Ring 42
01328 Dresden


Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

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